Compression Socks

​For Athletes: 

  • Increase oxygen for more energy and greater endurance
  • Diminishes muscle vibration for faster rejuvenation
  • Increases blood circulation for enhanced oxygen delivery to muscles 
  • Can be worn before and after exercise to aid removal of lactic acid to reduce aching and muscle cramping

Lunatik Athletiks have designed these compression socks for either Performance or for Medical purposes that give personality. They are definitely not your grandmother's compression stockings!

The compression socks can be used for your typical medical benefits such as leg swelling, varicose veins, pregnancy or tired/achy legs from standing for long periods. Or they have a Performance Compression Sock which aids in recovering from athletic activities and muscle fatigue, leg pain/swelling from flights or from a long road trip.

The benefits from Compression Socks are numerous.

For Travelers:

  • Aids blood circulation within the legs - especially important when movement is constrained
  • Decreased risk of blood clot formation (thrombosis) due to prolonged sitting
  • Reduces symptoms caused by lack of movement, including tired legs, fatigue, leg pain, swollen feet & ankles